Course Catalog

Take advantage of the years of trial and error with my private students. What you see here is the full Blues Guitar Unleashed program catalog. Every course and product serves a purpose and provides fast results. These are the best programs available for learning blues guitar and every one of them comes with a 365 day money-back guarantee… so they are risk free for you.

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Acoustic Blues Guitar

Acoustic Blues Guitar Unleashed is both the newest course in the lineup and the most popular I have ever released! The first 3 pressings of this course sold out in just a few days each, and the feedback has been fantastic. This course is not for a total beginner, but with the new on-screen follow-along TAB you would be fine even if you have only played for a couple of months. Many students who have several of my courses say this is the best guitar learning DVD system, period. Read More… or

Acoustic Delta Blues Slide Guitar is also a new course and covers the haunting sounds of the great slide players of days gone by. The course covers standard tuning slide, as well as open G and open D tunings. As with Acoustic Blues Guitar Unleashed, this course contains the on-screen follow-along TAB as well as the complete printed manual. It is, of course, the perfect accompaniment to the Acoustic Blues Guitar Unleashed course, but it can be done on its own as well. Read More… or

Blues Guitar For Total Beginners

Beginning Blues Guitar is designed to be easy enough for someone who has never picked up a guitar before, while still covering enough material to allow you to move on to any style of music you choose. It is, of course, the perfect companion to the Blues Guitar Unleashed or Soloing Without Scales courses as it was designed to feed into either course.

If the thought of playing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” or “Merrily We Roll Along” doesn’t inspire you to pick up your guitar and practice… songs like the “Sitting Easy Blues,” “The Muddy A Blues,” and “Hideaway Blues” will do the trick. Read More… or

Blues Guitar For Intermediate Players

Blues Guitar Unleashed is still my most popular “flagship” blues guitar course. This is the most complete and comprehensive blues guitar course I’ve ever seen.

It was born out of my frustration with the other blues guitar courses I had seen on the market. I wanted a system I could use with my private students so that I could have something that I knew would produce results quickly. After looking high and low for material I wanted to use, I made my own and haven’t looked back. Read more… or

Soloing Without Scales (The 4 Note Solo) is the most cut-to-the-chase blues guitar soloing course ever. This was created over the course of almost 2 years working with private students.

The goal was to break blues soloing down to the bare essentials – small 4 note “Blues Blocks.” The end result is a system that will have you soloing in minutes… not hours, days. or years like you may have been told. Read more… or

Specialty Blues Guitar Courses

The Slow Blues Supplement isn’t just for the slow blues, but it uses the slow blues as a place to completely master the concepts of using the major and minor blues sounds together – the essence of blues guitar player – in such a way that it becomes effortless and happens for you on autopilot.

These concepts are covered in Blues Guitar Unleashed and in Soloing Without Scales. But the level of execution in The Slow Blues Supplement would put you in the top 5% of blues players on the planet. Read more… or

Pentatonic Scales And Technique Mastery is all about playing faster, smoother, and in more control than you ever thought possible.

It works based on something that you probably don’t realize that you do… and that is to practice scales up and down thinking that somehow the repetition is what increases the speed. In fact, your ear is likely what is keeping you from playing faster, and your inability to subdivide beats.

Also, you may not be practicing scales in melodic patterns – the way the scales are actually often used in melodies (solos) and not just playing them up and down. Read more… or

Guitar Theory Made Useful is just like the name implies – music theory for guitar players who don’t want to get bogged down in all the useless mumbo-jumbo found in most theory courses.

This is another course borne of necessity – in trying to teach theory to my own private students, I found that most books and videos already available started with the assumption that you already know a little about music, and they move too fast without enough practical examples to really be able to use what you learn. Read More… or

Jam Tracks And Extras

29 Blues Jam Tracks is a collection of very high quality and well played jam tracks.

I cannot take credit for the original recordings… but what was lacking was a companion book with the best rhythm parts and chord changes written out in TAB and chord charts.

I also added notes for each track on what soloing options might work best over the track. Read more… or